Tourist destinations can not be missed when coming to Son La

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As a land of mountainous so Son La still retain the wild, charming and charming nature of mountain forests. Traveling in Son La, spring flowers, peach flowers, apricots, plum blossoms racing as hills for the mountains of the Northwest.

Traveling in Son La in the winter, the immense colonies began to dress up a new shirt with a white color. In addition to the majestic and romantic nature of the mountains, trees, flowers, coming to Son La you also learn about the cultural identity of 12 ethnic groups living together in this land.

Son La: Tourist destinations can not be missed when coming to Son La
Speaking of Son La tourism, it certainly can not fail to mention Moc Chau. At the end of the year when the season of blooming flowers is also the time travelers everywhere, especially the people and hunting paparazzi began to find Moc Chau.

Unlike flower baskets in the city, when grown in a small area, in Moc Chau, flowers are planted all over the mountain, extending from the valley to the top of the hill and so on. To begin here you will see along the roads leading to the village, the village is covered with a white color of flowers are in season. Give Moc Chau a wonderful, romantic scene.

1. Son Moc Huong cave

Moc Chau, also known as Moc Chau Bat Cave, has long been popular with many visitors when visiting Moc Chau, Son La. It is a work of art, a national landscape that nature gift to the Moc Chau plateau.

Son Moc Huong Cave (Hang Doi Cave)
In the cave in a miraculous way, from the ceiling hang down the stalagmites glittering all seven rainbow colors. Many blocks of stone from the ceiling of the cave flow down to the cave floor as high as 20 m as the ancient tree roots drooping to the ground. There are also many stalactites bearing the coins, the paddles, the fairy, the fairy, the elephant, the lion, the tiger, the eagle, the eagle and the flying clouds.

The cave is 50 m wide and about 800 m high. The cave has a height of more than 30 m, rounded. In the middle of the cave there are some dry lakes, about 200 m wide, in the middle of the lake are large stone turtles. The left bank of the stalactites stalactites shaped two pairs of girls are tied together.

2. Moc Chau Plateau

Moc Chau plateau is located at an altitude of 1050 m above sea level, nearly 200 km northwest of Ha Noi. This plateau is about 80 km long and 25 km wide, with 1600 ha of grasslands. .

Moc Chau plateau with beautiful villages
It can be said Moc Chau is the most concentrated tourism resources of Son La and the Northwest - North. Climate is a unique tourism resource of Moc Chau. In the middle of the plateau, Moc Chau is a sub-tropical climate with cool summers with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and dry winters over other areas.

Coming to Moc Chau, tourists will visit historic monuments, Son Moc Huong cave, pine forest, Chien Vien pagoda, Yomm waterfall, Phung Luong peak, and culture of Mong people, Dao people in Van Ho , with the singing of the khant, with ethnic dishes, specialties, cuisine and handicraft products bearing bold cultural identity.

3. Son La City

The city of Son La is a highland city, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. The infrastructure here is quite developed and is also home to the majority of tourist accommodation. Climate in the city. Son La fresh, cool. So this is a place that is suitable for resort activities.

Son La town also has many points of exploration (illustrating the resettlement area for hydroelectricity)
Visitors can visit historical and cultural relics such as Son La Prison, Le Thanh Tong King's Temple, craft villages, farms or cultural festivals.

4. Da River Tourist Complex

Song Da tourism is coming to the works of the century, exploring the prehistoric period of man through the archaeological sites, to the majestic natural landscape, high mountains, wide rivers, waterfalls, wild scenery, come to the honest people, hospitable, special culture.

Song Da tourist cluster, explore the culture on the river
Song Da runs through Son La Province, 280 km long, with 32 small and large reservoirs. From the ancient Da River is the trade route between the peoples of the Son La ethnic group in particular, the Northwest people in general with the lowland.

5. Tien Phong lake

Tien Phong Lake is located in Muong Bon Commune, Mai Son District, 23 km from Son La Town, 7 km from Hat Lot Town and 2 km from Na Noi Airport.

Tien Phong lake
To Tien Phong Lake, one of the special things to attract you is to sail on the lake by hand boat, pedal boat or motor boat. You can take bait fishing to fish under the lake such as carp, grass carp, black carp, fish, sesame.

6. Bib Tap Waterfall

Bản Vặt Waterfall, a place associated with the history of the ancient residence of the Thai people in the ancient Muong Sang, Moc Chau today.

Dreaming Bibbing Dream
It can be said that this is a beautiful ecological landscape is exam


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