Huong Sen Moc Chau hotel    

Số 2 Trần Huy Liệu Thị trấn Mộc Châu, Huyện Mộc Châu, Tỉnh Sơn La - 02123866174

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400,000 đ

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Detail of Huong Sen Moc Chau hotel


The hotel is a 2 star hotel and has 35 rooms. With single, double and triple rooms, you can go to Moc Chau and spend a long time with family or friends. Each room has furniture such as furniture, cabinet, bed, bathroom, ... modern.

From Huong Sen, you can travel to famous sites of Moc Chau such as tea farm, steppe, Ban Ang tourist site, Hang Doi, ... very easy.

Huong Sen is also home to many conferences and seminars for agencies and businesses. With the system of meeting rooms wide, reasonable layout should fit all sizes. The hotel is also where many couples choose to host their wedding reception.

Huong Sen has a large restaurant, serving European, Asian, ... depending on the choice of all visitors.

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