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Số 59A- TK 2- Phan Đình Giót Thị trấn Mộc Châu, Huyện Mộc Châu, Tỉnh Sơn La - 0967981358

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Thien Son Hotel No. 59 Phan Dinh Giot Street, Moc Chau Town is located in the heart of Moc Chau district, which is an ideal place for tourists to explore Moc Chau National Park. From here you can easily go to many attractive places in Moc Chau, such as: Son Moc Huong cave, An Duong pine forest, Bamboo strip, flower garden, tea ...

Thien Son Hotel is built with modern style, meet the needs of all travelers. Entering the hotel, you will find the luxury and dedication of the receptionist. Each floor of the hotel has a clean lounge with tables and chairs for you to relax and relax.

Thien Son Hotel has 23 deluxe rooms (4 bed rooms, double rooms, single rooms), bringing you the comfort and convenience of the deluxe rooms and luxurious, modern furnishings.

All rooms are equipped with bathroom amenities, television, air conditioner, refrigerator ... Clean, clean scent are also factors to focus for you have the most comfortable time. Along with the well-equipped facilities, each room has a wide view, giving you a comfortable view of the mountains and forests of the Northwest.

Along with the staff dedicated, attentive always listening, listening to all needs of customers when coming to Thien Son Hotel.

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